Our Philosophy

We are very experienced with the treatment of both acute and chronic pain. We focus on providing compassionate and evidence-based care for both acute and chronic pain. This approach typically includes a multidisciplinary approach like pain management techniques, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and orthopedists and nerosurgeon's help when necessary. We understand that there are many treatment options(rational and irretional ) in India and approaches available, and that many patients may already have treatment trials in different places when they see us for the first time. Many patients have been prescribed different pain medications .However, in our opinion, there is a very little evidence supporting the use of these medications for long without finding the cause and source of pain, and there is a very high risk of side-effects, overdose and dependence. For these reasons, we believe that pain is to be considered in the perspective of personality, life syle and social connections in the treatment of chronic pain. When patients come to us already taking different types of medications, we take the time to perform a thorough review of the patients' history including previous treatment (if available). Because this review takes time, our policy is not to prescribe much medication at first visits. After performing a thorough review, we decide whether or not it is appropriate to continue the medication. Regardless of whether or not narcotics are prescribed, we will always work to find alternative treatments to reduce pain, to improve patient's life, and to minimize the risks of side-effects. For new patients without any previous history of pain, when enrolled for treatment we start keeping systematic data which can produce the EHR (Electronic Health Report) on demand for periodic review.